My passion lives in the meaningful place
where personal style and identity become intertwined.

As a style expert, entrepreneur, content marketer, TV personality + podcaster — Jessie is well known for her dynamic approach to storytelling and her thoughtful expression of a well-designed life. (Most people also tend to remember her for the bold shades of lipstick or smile-inducing shoes.)

Guided by the life-long calling of a gal who loves to get dressed up, she believes in the simple principle that how you look keenly affects how you feel. Jessie has coached hundreds of women on their journey toward confidence and believes that listening to your inner voice is the best way to develop a strong personal style.

Since 2008, Jessie Artigue has been honored to speak at conferences, events + workshops around the world, and you should know that she can NEVER resist a good brainstorming opportunity or strategy session. Jessie has lent her talents to companies like Vogue, Good Morning America, Harper’s Bazaar, Nordstrom, bareMinerals, NYU and countless top lifestyle brands that count themselves as her smiling clients.

She’s currently quite excited about the launch of her latest brand called SEASON: a line of ethically-made sustainable silk dresses that can be worn in multiple ways. They’re made for the gal who wants to dress like it matters and were born from the experience and empathy that have come from years as a professional + commercial wardrobe stylist.

Meanwhile, the podcast that she produces and co-hosts with her husband (called Marriage is Funny) has inspired nearly a million people to focus on Great Love instead of perfect love. They believe that talking things out and tight bear hugs fix almost anything and each episode encourages couples to find the humor in every mess. This project has been backed by brands like Sprint + Airbnb and has allowed the duo to create an annual tropical vacation for their listeners and a spin-off miniseries called The Perfect Wife.

Jessie lives on the shore in Long Beach, CA with her rescue-pup, handsome husband + the occasional (very precious) smattering of short-term foster care kiddos.