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We moved in to a new home this month and it feels awfully well-timed considering THIS online home has gotten a big refresh as well!

A full blog update was far overdue and as the digital space keeps shifting, it prompts behind-the-scenes updates that are technical and tedious and often too boring to mention. Truthfully, between servers and search engines? There are so many things about running an online business that make me wish I had become a newscaster or a therapist like I originally planned. 

Speaking of career titles, this week I finally decided to give up on finding the perfect one.

As I celebrate 10 years in business as a freelancer + entrepreneur, it’s become clear that my worth and my ability lie far beyond what I ask everyone else to call the kind of work I’m doing. 

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, means accepting that it’s okay to be interested in (and great at!) more than just one thing, but I’ve always envied people who know their zone of genius and own it without apology. My business offerings have morphed many times in the last decade but whether I’m podcasting or designing or mentoring or hosting on TV – I still love (mostly) every minute and am lit up by collaborating with fellow creatives any chance that I get. ✨

Thinking about my experience and my gifts and what I’m called to pursue, it always leads me back to the following trifecta of themes: marriage, mirrors and mindset

These are three places in my life where I’ve experienced both great pain and great healing, but they have also been the most meaningful throughout my own pursuit of personal growth. 

Relationships. Identity. Belief. Where would you be with a deeper grasp of these things?

My own answer to that question is a much longer story, but as I live much of my life online, I can promise you they’ve all been inspected and picked apart and critiqued from all angles. The deconstruction happening faster and more violently than I could imagine in some cases, and yet: it’s been such a blessing to watch my core values emerge as the things that no longer serve me are blessedly chipped away.  

Back in the olden days of blogging, I’d have written it all out and shared it here with you but things changed quite a bit when sponsored posts and fancy algorithms stole the show for so many of us. Lemme tell ya: it’s much harder to spill your heart when big name brands are footing the bill. “Lifestyle Blogger” was not a term (or a career) when I first started posting about designing a happy, healthy + flavorful life and now the complex layers of writing for fun vs. money are something I still have a hard time separating in my brain.

When we moved from NYC to Long Beach four years ago, I tossed in the towel as a professional influencer but the desire to share my life online has continued to hover below the surface since then. 

The writing has continued, only now it’s a pen + paper that catch my musings while my typing fingers have gotten their chance for a sizable break. In fact, this week I unpacked a big stack of journals that have been filled up with heartfelt scribbles and that’s when something in my blog-brain seemed to click back into place:

So much of what I’ve learned the past few years is the answer to a prayer that I whisper daily – Spirit, fill me up in a way that brings most glory to your name.

Throughout this continued desire to be a vessel of love, I’ve noticed (or remembered, maybe?) that things start to feel stagnant when I stop creating, writing and sharing. I wrote a piece about this a long time ago, and the main idea was this: The beautiful thing about pitchers is that the more they pour themselves out, the more space they have to be refilled.

For me, processing “out loud” has nearly always led to progress and I’d guess it’s because of how it invites the contents of my soul to be refreshed.

SO after nearly five months without blogging and spotty posting for the 2 years before that, I’m back with a new purpose.

I know that there are words inside me ready to do some good in the world, and having a fresh new space to share them here – Yay! – it feels just as meaningful and grounding as moving into our new real-life home. After living out of a suitcase since April, we’re SO ready to get settled while our hearts heal from the journey and one thing is for sure:

I may be still figuring it out as I go, but am always so grateful and honored to have you with me along the way.

Ps. – Based on the DM’s I’m getting over on IG, there are obviously some missing pieces of the story that not everyone has caught… Be sure to stay in the loop with my weekly love notes and that’s where I’ll share first when new blog posts are ready to go!

Image via Camille Styles