Faith | Belief In The Unseen


We spent four days camping with friends at El Capitan State Beach last weekend, and the adventure was just as magical as the sparkling stars that blinked us to sleep each night.

I had the chance to lead our crew in a quick scripture study on the last morning together, and ended up closing the conversation with an entry from one of my journals that I wrote nearly four years ago.It felt extra appropriate given the fierce winds that blew across the cliffs we were perched on, and especially so because the verses we discussed* were about using wind to illustrate what it's like to believe in the unseen.*John 3, if you're curious!–––March 28, 2015

The bonfire that flickers and crackles with it’s beckoning fingers of flame.The steam that rises in soft swirls tumbling upward from my coffee cup.A breeze brushing hair across my face and bringing goosebumps to the surface of my skin.All of these things are proof of movement in the air…Fluttering flags in the summer, then dancing leaves in the Fall.Drifts of snow in the winter, followed by kites that dip and twirl in the Spring.None of these things would be possible without the wind.Whether strong or soft, it can disrupt stagnancy with tiny flurries of faith or gale-force gusts of grace. Blowing away worries as it envelops me with a captivating presence that is invisible, yet tangible.Like the sea, we respect the unexpected nature of the wind while reveling in it’s mystery.Next time you feel it, let the magic sink in: it powers entire cities and propels sailing ships. Swirls in front of us with warm puffs from our lungs and pulls us closer to a God that is everywhere, all around us, and inside of us at the same time.