The Spice List | Feb 2019


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I started writing A BOOK last month.

The decision happened after listening to an insightful discussion about publishing on Wednesday, and then instead of finishing my usual Friday morning Spice List note? I ended up jotting down an outline and digging through some of the journals I’ve filled up about the topic at hand. (More on that later!)Here’s the thing: My goal is to make this an enjoyable process, so giving myself a generous deadline of one whole year feels like a good fit for now.The fun part was realizing that I'll aim to be finished on 2-22-20, which makes me so happy as someone who loves seeing synchronistic numbers!Anyhow, I just wanted to share the fun news with you first and of COURSE would love to know what you’re dreaming up for the rest of 2019.Hoping your weekend is a beautiful mix of vision + rest, and here's a smattering of favorites that made my life more flavorful in February!XOXO, Jessie 


Winter months mean drier air and my skin was suffering as we finished up our week in the desert last month. This tried-and-true favorite has always been a life saver on my lips, but lately I’m slathering it on everything from my cuticles to my ankles to my ashy little knees.


Looking for something yummy to serve at your next weekend shindig? Loved this robust round-up of comfort food with a nutritional boost, and I’m bookmarking it for the next time we need a crowd-friendly menu.


The natural deodorant “scene” is exploding lately and I’m on a mission to find out who’s at the top of the game. This little pod arrived on our doorstep last month and besides the great scent and texture, I’m very happy to report that it actually works!


I’ve been dying to get my hands dirty with a DIY project at home and this handy step-by-step is exactly the encouragement I need! Love seeing the process of how such a pretty display can come together and already excited to do something fun with my growing collection of “snippets.”


Looking for something insightful and inspiring to watch this weekend? Take a peek at the latest production from my fellow consciousness-loving pal Jess, and I can tell you that it has already encouraged me to get back into the practice of writing to (and hearing from!) my inner voice in the best way!


Marie Kondo’s influence has extended beyond our cupboards and closets… The electronic version of “tidying up” has been on my list since January and this week was when I decided to tackle over 100 pin boards (UGH) that were in desperate need of a digital purge.


I’m nothing if not enthusiast about my nail polish habits, but every once in a while it helps to have a short-cut up my sassy little sleeve. Just placed my first order of some stylish falsies, and will keep you posted on how they do in real life. Feel free to use that link above to get $5 off your first order!


Please tell me I’m not the only one who was into charm jewelry as a kid? The updated take on a tween-ish trend is making me thinking about nabbing the lightning bolt, the “j” initial, and possibly the red heart thrown in for good measure.


Easily one of my most frequently asked beauty questions: what do you use to keep your brows looking so bold? To be honest, it’s usually a combination of combing + tweezing, but this double-ended wand arrived in my stocking this Christmas (Thanks, Mama!) and I’ve been loving the effect on my look ever since.


Started a new library book this week, and I’m already halfway to the end! Written by Gretchen Rubin (of Happiness Project fame), this title is a great mix of personality typing and productivity hacks. A great combo for anyone who’s eager for more self-awareness and might like a head-start!


A huge smile sneaks on to my face as I think of what I’m about to type: I’ll be bringing back my one-on-one identity coaching next month, and the crew of friends here will be the first to know when applications go live! Very excited about this round of ladies and I can already tell it’s going to be a sweet season.


Accidentally overbought on cucumbers this week, so when this recipe popped up in my feed? I immediately marked it as the perfect Saturday activity. Biggest concern at the moment: Will I be able to last for five full days without sneaking a taste?!


Went out on a limb this week with my latest post for S+P… Shared a small snippet (and steal-able prayer) as a gift from “her” to you, and am already excited to hear what you think!


A great read about why some things deserve to stay “just fun.” SO much of this piece has resonated with me… Have you ever fallen prey to the trap of turning past-times into profits? (Also: pretty glad this means I won’t have to become a pickle proprietor if the fermenting works out.)


I’ve been visualizing exactly what it would look like to rebuild our current home from scratch… Starting with the kitchen (our most frequently used room of the house) and I recently added this chic modern version to my list of inspiration.

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