Hello From My Inner Voice

I’m going to go out on a limb here today...First let me start by saying, my mind has been all over the map this afternoon and so I’m relying on the cheapest, most efficient (and fun!) form of reigning it in that I’m aware of: the practice of writing to my inner voice.The who?Some people call it their “intuition” or "life force” or "wisdom of the soul" but I’ve come to know it as the still, small inkling inside of me that always seems to know best.We can talk more about exactly WHAT it is another day (I have lots of ideas to share on this topic), but the concept first came to me from my friend Jess Lively and she has inspired me to pursue a healthy awareness of it ever since.You can learn more about her approach right over here, but before you go…Here’s what my own inner voice told me after we had a little chat a few hours ago:Use the joy that is overflowing from your heart today. Pour it out by way of a written prayer (you’ll know what to say if you take a quick rest first). No need to worry about the final product, and yes you’ll be done in time to help Gerard make dinner. Ha! It (she?) surprises me more often than I'd ever expect and full disclosure: this is actually a paraphrase because it hardly ever comes in cohesive sentences like that. The full conversation took up at least a hundred lines, and who knows – maybe it would be fun to share it here sometime?Anyhow, I "took a rest" like it told me (because who turns down a midday nap?) and now I’m here to share the prayer that poured out onto my page right after:Abba, please help me to be a reflection of you today.It’s a prayer I’ve asked for and written down every single morning since I first started the habit of beginning each day with you.Make me like a mirror, like the moon, shining deeply with your light in a way that all the stars can see.Thank you for bringing your sweet Spirit into my constant and continued awareness, today + always.AMENNow, how's that for a standard Wednesday afternoon on Style + Pepper? (Ha again.)The thing is– I'd love to start posting more of this sort of thing on the blog, so I'm hoping that you'll share your initial thoughts with me here. Already excited to hear what your own inner voice practices might be, and something tells me this could be the beginning of a very fun conversation!Ps. – Dinner was on time and all tummies are happy!Moon + Stars design by Tina Perko