Life | More in 2019


This week is essentially my first one back to “real life” since the holidays, and I simply couldn’t kick things off without the 7th edition of my little January tradition.

Choosing to focus on a few good things is a great way to avoid the pressure of more generic resolutions, and I like that it's a lot more detailed than choosing just one word to guide the entire rest of my year.While Gerard and I have already done our usual Year in Review process (which also included recording the results for our show!), I'm finally getting a chance to actually jot down some of the things that I'm excited about for 2019.More Writing. Something I do every day, but would like to live into with more structure. Book ideas! Blog re-launch! Possible scripted podcast-spinoff! This is one of the habits that has brought so much life and redemption to the stories of my inner world and I can’t wait to develop one my favorite pastimes even further.More Grace.Under stress, I become a control-freak with little to no room for error. (Evidence of a classic Enneagram Seven, btw.) I’ve been getting better at noticing this as it actually occurs, and giving myself grace in these moments has been something that keeps things from getting out of hand. Meanwhile, I have a hunch that practicing grace will mean there’s more to share with my sweet husband while I’m at it! He’s such a gem of a human and certainly deserves far more understanding from me than I showed him this past year — I would love to love him better by being generous in this way!More Release.The act of letting go has rarely felt easy for me, but I’m learning that it can be a beautiful approach to everything from prayer to my profession to my own physical expectations. Specifically, Centering Prayer is a spiritual practice that has changed my life over the past six months, and I’m excited to watch it develop as I use the core concept of kenosis/release in all areas of my life. It’s time to see what happens when I give up such a tight grip (see point two) and I’m excited for more alignment as I continue to face the world with open hands.More Collaboration.A repeat from last year because I have a lot of smart friends and a lot of different projects going at any given time! My desire to work with more fellow creatives must stem from the fact that I've always loved a group project and being an entrepreneur can feel a bit lonely after nearly 11 years in business. Looking forward to some massively inspiring brainstorming sessions, a notable increase in growth and a hearty dose of joy from doing cool things with people that I love.

Hoping that your own new year is full of things to get excited about in 2019, and I'm sending big hugs as we kick off this month with a bang!

Ps. – Always fun to look back and read what I was adding “more” of in 20182017201620152014 + 2013.