Drink | Vegan Dirty Chai w/ Turmeric

I used to LOVE ordering a dirty chai latte on the way to my overnight shifts when I worked in corporate retail.

The guy at the coffee shop counter taught me that a chai-lover who needs some extra caffeine can ask to add espresso in order to turn the drink into the best of both worlds!It's been ages since I've ordered something so indulgent (and jitter-inducing), but as I played barista in my own kitchen the other day -- the following concoction was brewed and I seem to have happily stumbled across my new fall drink.

Vegan Dirty Chai with Turmeric

1 serving of instant espresso (or 1-2 brewed shots)1 TBSP of superfood creamer1 tsp monkfruit sweetener1 tsp chai turmeric powderThis process might sound fairly obvious, but I've learned that the order is important! I start by turning on my electric kettle while I prep all the ingredients in an extra large cup. This part is key because you don't want to have hot liquid go everywhere (trust me) when you use the immersion blender in the following step, and typical coffee mugs are too small for mixing.After adding each of the ingredients to the big cup, I fill my coffee mug with the boiling water (to get the amount right) and then I pour that hot water into the cup before blending it all together.Notes + Additions: Depending on my eating plans for the rest of the day, I might use this as my first meal and in that case will add either collagen powder or MCT oil, and sometimes even both! If you happen to be following a keto or primal diet, you could also use ghee, grassfed butter or even coconut butter and then you'd likely omit the collagen, depending on what macros you are aiming for.FYI, the turmeric powder I've been using adds a ton of the chai flavor that I love, but it does settle to the bottom if I let it sit for too long. Just keep a spoon handy if you happen to be a slow drinker. :)

This has become a delicious way to fight inflammation while I spice up my mornings and I'm going to make myself another cup the minute I stand up from publishing this post!

 Image via this traditional non-vegan version