Event | Spring Social Hour 2018


33 women buzzing around the room and my heart could have burst right out of the boutique.

The night was magical, but not because of anything I had to do with it… YES, we were there to celebrate the launch of our latest limited edition Pepper Dress, but more than anything?I wanted to celebrate the women who would wear our garments as they head out into the world to do great things.Prepping for the kickoff party for our Seasonal Social Hours had me daydreaming about what these events could become, but it all became so much more clear as each of our guests swished through the door of 6th + Detroit.A quick aside about our venue:  Michelle has been a friend of mine since the WEEK we arrived in LB a few years ago and this first Spring event wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for her generosity, support + endless encouragement. I have always been so inspired by her aesthetic and it was a total blast to watch this kick-off come to life in such a well-designed and heartfelt space!Now back to the party… There was a very distinct moment that I know will be burned into my brain forever.I had zipped into the back to grab a few more bottles of wine and returned to notice that a circle of 6 or 7 women had formed. I didn't realize what they were doing at first and it wasn’t until my friend Christie called me over and said, “We’re teaching each other how to tie it! Come help us!"Mind blown, heart full.I watched for another moment while they tied + tucked their loops + layers... Styling their silk super hero capes right before my very eyes.They made room for me along the edge and asked about our official "tying tips," but I insisted that their own clever ideas were even better and I'm still blown away by the brilliance they came up with!

This is the point of these dresses, you see. They're just as much for you as they were originally for me.

I hope it's clear that our events are meant to be the same way, really.It's such an honor to spend time with women pursuing style + heart in equal parts, but it wouldn't be a TRUE party if it weren't for the crew of incredible guests who show up.

Making space for this kind of magic is about you and the gals who join us.

The ultimate hope for these Seasonal Social Hours is that our guests get a meaningful chance to connect as we explore what it looks like to pursue style + heart, in equal parts. I simply LOVE getting to be a part of these moments, and can't wait to see where the next season takes us!

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Event photos by Casey Liu