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It's been six Januaries in a row that I've written about adding more goodness to the upcoming year, INSTEAD of resolving to do something that I might fail at by February.

Especially feels right for 2018 as lately I've become such a fan of taking a gentler approach to life, ya know?Choosing to focus on a few good things is a great way to avoid the pressure of more generic resolutions, and I like that it's a lot more detailed than choosing just one word to guide the entire rest of my year.Interestingly enough -- Until the other day, I was actually feeling a bit stumped by my own prompt, so I did what any extroverted-verbal-processor would do: I forced my husband (who lovingly obliged) to sit down and lend me an ear while we talked it out.What followed was a comprehensive year-in-review pow wow (per the handy suggestion of something Tim Ferris shared in one of his recent newsletters), and it made me feel SO grateful to look back at all the best bits of the last 12 months.Honestly, this is the first time we've taken such a measured approach to our annual fresh start and I was amazed at how often I tend to zoom past both the accomplishments and the heartache when they're happening in real-time.SO before looking ahead, I decided to let myself celebrate the good stuff and grieve the things that broke my heart. If gentleness is the goal here, it seems crucial to start with some peace for the present moment before I begin to add anything extra to the pile.(This is the part where we take a collective deep breath and I lovingly accept your generous fist bump before moving forward.) 😉Now, with as much ado as I can muster -- HERE are some of the things I'm excited about for 2018:More Healing  |  I hardly ever post publicly about this part of my life, but the past several years have been very challenging when it comes to some of the chronic health issues that I struggle with. I feel very lucky to have a great doctor that I love, but there are still a handful of things that have stayed in the realm of medical mysteries for me. (Where's Dr. House when you need him?) In the meantime, I'm trying to focus on the JOY in my life while waiting for my broken bits to heal, and it all becomes so much easier when I trust in the divine purpose of my Creator's timing.More Collaboration  |  The production and fulfillment of our Season dresses kept SO much of my attention last year, and I really missed having the chance to partner with some fresh content marketing clients! Excited to shoot a couple of upcoming TV segments at the end of this month (keep an eye out if you're in Sacramento or Phoenix!), and I'm also ready to pick up some new consulting gigs now that our podcast has wrapped up for now.More Fiction  |  I'm one of those people who always has multiple books going all at the same time, but lately my love for fiction has been taking center stage. During our travel last Summer, I was devouring novels like it was my job (I WISH) and it reminded me of how much I love sinking my teeth into an artistic display of words. Don't tell anyone this, but I've even started jotting down a few fictional paragraphs of my own when I think of them... more of a way to exercise my imagination than anything else, and for now I'm perfectly content to lose myself inside captivating stories like this one and this one!More Appreciating  |  My friend Jess has inspired me to switch things up when it comes to keeping track of my gratitude lately... instead of jotting down three things as a part of my usual morning ritual, I've moved this practice to bedtime and it might be my new favorite thing! The fact that I have a fresh memory of the day makes it fun and easy to fill up several pages of appreciation and I am LOVING the way that it makes me feel before turning in to sleep. I also love that whenever something great happens throughout the day (no matter how big or small), I find myself thinking, "Can't wait to appreciate this in my journal tonight!"More Verbal Processing  |  G and I have confessed that going public with our imperfect relationship was likely what saved our marriage after starting a podcast three years ago. I recently shared some of my own personal shame-struggles on the most recent episode of our show, and it seems to have inspired a new spinoff series that I'm excited to pursue. Will keep you posted here as I figure things out, but the friends on my Spice List will be the first to know when we're ready to go live.

Sincerely hoping that your own year is full of things to get excited about in 2018, and in case it's not obvious: I really appreciate you for swinging by when you do!

Ps. – Always fun to look back and read what I was adding “more” of in 2017201620152014 + 2013.