Get Fit | The Best Workout Leggings


I've posted my feelings about elastic shackles before, but today would like to add something new to my official list of least favorite things to wear...

Workout clothes that are too tight. 😡

Whether I'm sweating it out at the gym or running errands around town, the pinching and puckering and weird pouches that appear are simply NOT worth the pain.In the past, I've assumed that compression leggings should be worn tight to make your booty look better, but my recent change of heart has led to a massive peak in overall happiness. (Wish I were kidding, but that's what happens when you're an HSP who LOVES her clothes.) This year, I decided to "size up" as part of my shameless search for comfort and that has meant adding a handful of new pieces to my growing collection of leg-wear. 

In case you're in the market for some new athletic wear, here's what I've learned throughout the search:

Function is important and fit is key. It's worth it to pay extra for style combined with comfort. Always look for brands with ethical production + sustainable materials!  Leggings are always the most important part of my athletic ensemble -- I have a long list of functional criteria and obviously need them to help me look/feel good at very the same time. I always choose dark colors (less chance for sweat marks), and a snug waistband is key because NO ONE likes to hike up sagging bottoms on their longest run of the week.As someone who's tried everything from Old Navy to Lululemon, here are the comfiest, most hard working options that I'm loving lately!How we Soul | style + ethical production PROS: My pair called midnight bloom was a recent birthday gift from G (WAY better than the allergy-inducing flowers from last year) and I knew I had to have them after seeing my friend Jen wear the exact same pair a little earlier this month. The black and white floral design is even more beautiful in real life, and I love that the high-waist can also be folded over to create an additional style in seconds! After launching my own ethical apparel line, I'm much more conscious of supporting small businesses whenever I can, and am so happy to have a go-to brand that I can buy from when I need a new pair! CON: I'm in love with the pattern I have, but a little nervous about having so much white fabric on something that I wear when I run along the sand. I'd love these in solid black, but will probably reserve my printed pair for cardio classes or  running errands.Calia by Carrie Underwood | function + fitPROS: I'm in love with the wide waistband that consists of multiple layers of fabric because it comfortably holds in my tummy whether I'm lunging or lounging. I was side-eyeing the mesh capris at first, but those breathable panels have proven to be useful for WAY more than just visual interest -- happy to have an extra dose of fresh air during my weekly sweat sessions! The tiny hidden pockets make for a perfect place to stash your earbuds or house keys, and both of the styles I've tried have a flattering and handy tulip detail at the hem that allows you to slide a flexed foot through the opening with ease. CON: Looks like their stock is limited at the moment and I'd love to see more color options for the styles that I already own.Niyama Sol | comfort + sustainabilityPROS: I never thought I'd say this about a pair of stretch pants, but these cropped leggings are the most comfortable thing that I've ever worn on my legs. The fabric is SO so soft and they are made from recycled water bottles right here in the US! I love the high waist and low rear yoke (that's the horizontal seam that does magic for the optical illusion of a perky booty) but nothing beats the material on these guys and I'm already saving up for my second pair. I also nabbed this muscle tank and a few sports bras, and so far am loving it all! CON: The printed designs are a little out-there for this all-black-everything kind of gal, but I'm hoping that they restock some of their more subtle options OR create a solid black version sometime soon.

Now I'm off to scoop up my gear for a quick trip to the gym, but shoot me a tweet with your own go-to's for squat-worthy (or snuggle worthy) stretch pants! ❤️