Virtual Style Sessions // On Sale For August!


I realized last week that it's been exactly ten years since the last time I went shopping for a back-to-school outfit...

It might sound ridiculous to picture me taking this seriously as a college senior, but perhaps it was some sort of allusion to the fact that style would play such a big role in my life?Regardless, I've always believed in the magic of a powerful beginning and LOVE the excuse to get dressed for special moments.This is the time of year that always brings me back to the same type of attitude toward my current closet: I begin to purge and plan ahead for the season to come. I play around with new trends and pick a few pieces to hunt for during any impromptu shopping runs.These in-depth style musings have reaffirmed one big thing for me this week:I want to help EVEN MORE women find the freedom, confidence and ease that come from having a thriving relationship with your wardrobe.

On that note... I'm offering a major deal for my Virtual Style Sessions throughout the rest of August!

If you've ever thought about hiring a stylist, now is a GREAT time to find out if we'd be a good fit. Full disclosure: These sessions are not something I offer during the entire year, but I always love when my calendar allows me to sneak in a few PepTalks! 🤗

Virtual Style Sessions (60 mins.)

HOW IT WORKS:  You come prepared with 1-3 questions or “challenge pieces" from your existing closet, and we’ll figure out how to optimize your wardrobe to match your current lifestyle. My goal is to give you a ton of actionable guidance AND the resources needed to feel effortlessly stylish in the realistic day-to-day. Note: These meetings are held via webcam, but I promise it will feel like we're hanging out in real life.SIGN UP NOW:  Snag your spot right now by booking directly through this link, and you'll receive instructions about how to select the date + time that works best for you. Current scheduling options are Tuesdays, Wednesdays + Thursdays between 3pm - 6pm PST.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime, and I'd love to chat about working together soon!