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"Where the heck have you been?!"

I deserve to hear those words after the accidental blog break that happened over the past several weeks...It was never in my plan to let the site go quiet for this long, but after the whirlwind of our (fully funded!) Season Kickstarter last month, my body felt utterly exhausted and in desperate need of a good, solid rest.I've actually been feeling pretty bad about letting the site go dark as long as I did, but am trying to show myself a little grace while I start to gear up for what's to come.Here's the thing: regardless of the new projects or personal landmarks that may dance across my stage, I have a feeling this blog will always be my little home sweet internet home.  After the past eight years (!) of using it to document my adventures in life + style, I'm certainly not interested in closing the shutters for good!

On that note -- next week marks the official anniversary of when I launched this site nearly 1,400 posts ago!

As I was feeling a bit discouraged and confused about planning for where to go next with our content, I was reminded how far we've come since those little street style features during our time in Kansas City, MO.I have always had such high hopes and big dreams for what Style + Pepper could and should be, but please allow me to admit that this makes for an overall vision that often feels like much more than I can handle.

So what's next around here?

We'd love to find out more about what you're actually interested in seeing on the blog, and soon -- I'll be sharing a survey that will allow YOU to help us decide the next direction for S+P.I'm planning on doing a little "light renovation" to the overall structure and categorization of the site, and let me just tell you: this is a HUGE undertaking when you have 8 years of content to go through.Meanwhile, my goal is to continue to build a brand around the style values and shopping standards that I've uncovered throughout the process of creating this blog... I really am so proud and excited to be designing and styling for women who want to dress like it matters, and these efforts are both so central to embracing the kind of confidence that I've been preaching about for years.What a gift to be doing the kind of work that I truly love, and I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't kept plugging away every time things felt tougher than I could handle!Before I go, please consider this post to be my official note on the door...

Thank you for stopping by.We'll be back shortly,and I can't wait to see you soon.

XOXO - Jessie

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