Season | The Pepper Dress is Here!


BIG DAY over here, friends...

Our Kickstarter campaign has launched, and I'd love to officially introduce you to the dress of my dreams:Meet SEASON -- A Superhero Cape For Your Everyday Style

Our signature dress is 100% silk, can be worn in at least 5 different styles, and is ethically made for the woman who wants to dress like it matters. 

I have spent the last year pouring my whole heart into this project. What started as the dress of my dreams has become something special that I'm really making just for you.There is SO much I want to say in this moment, but it would be much easier to let our fun video speak for itself...Much more about the story behind the brand is still to come, but in the meantime...

Would la-la-LOVE to have your help in spreading the word, so take a peek at our kickstarter campaign and then head over to this handy sharing page to join in the fun!