Featured // Raise Your Hand Say Yes


One of my favorite things in the world is having heartfelt conversations with dear friends...

Being a podcast guest totally falls into that category, and last week I had the chance to chat through the process of building Season with my pal Tiffany Han of Raise Your Hand Say Yes.We covered A LOT in one episode (incl. my work-addiction, my faith in God, my anxiety attacks, and then finally she asks, "but what the eff are you going to do if this campaign doesn't get funded?!), and while my first instinct is to hide under my desk while the internet has a chance to listen to some of the deepest depths of my soul, I decided to share the link here with you instead.

Why? Because I know firsthand that pursuing a dream can be scary and lonely, and there are lots of people who give up before they even give themselves a chance.

I believe that God gives us the desires of our hearts for a reason, and if you need to know that you're not alone in the scariness or the resistance or the crying crumpled-up-on-the-closet-floor moments? I'm posting this to say that I'm sitting right there with you.

Here's a BIG bear hug, for starters. 🙌🏼

Beyond that? It's not hard to find my email address -- HECK, you can even find my phone number online if you try hard enough... I'm happy to listen. I promise to pray for you. I want you to go out into the world to do what you were created for, and if you happen to need a kick in the pants OR a superhero cape to help you feel extra fabulous, I have a feeling you already know that I'm your go-to gal. 😘First: Listen to Ep 136, though. I have a feeling you'll love my chat with Tiffany and I'm already excited to hear what you think.XOXO - Jessie