Life | Setting Style Standards


I walk out the door, and instantly realize I've made a terrible mistake.

My jeans are way too tight, but I'm already 12 minutes late so there's no time to turn back.Grabbed the "skinny-pair" for their girdle-like abilities, but what's the use of letting them squeeze me in if end up with mini-muffin tops hanging out at the top of my hips?(Not to mention the fact that being pinched in the wrong places is an uncomfortable and constant reminder that the waistband doesn't fit.)My mood has always been SO affected by what I wear, and after far too many moments like this, I decided to change the way that I dress starting with one simple rule:

It absolutely HAS to fit in order for me to wear it out of the house.

Over the years, I've added to the list of criteria (i.e. ditch the neon colors and no cap sleeves for this broad-shouldered babe), and while some would say that the extra rules make them feel restricted or rebellious---I can tell you that learning my own style standards means (almost always) walking out the door feeling ready to kick some butt.The reason I'm telling you this? Because I believe that everyone deserves a wardrobe full of pieces that help them look fabulous.

I've seen firsthand that what we wear makes a huge impact on how we feel, and I think that's why my heart and style have always been so intricately intertwined.

Ever since deciding to drop everything else in my career to launch the dress design of my dreams, I've used journaling as a way to sift through the many emotions that have popped up along the way.One result is the "Stories" page of our Season website, and I'm jittery but excited to bare my heart with the world in this way. It may look like a simple blog at first, but each entry is transcribed straight from the pages where I poured out my heart, back in Summer of 2016.It has been quite the journey... this "loving and approving" of the person I see in the mirror, but regardless of how you feel about your own body:

I want you to know that we're in this together, and I'm truly making this dress just for you.

The best part is? Once you find the right Pepper Dress, we guarantee it will always fit. The generous drape means that it fits just as beautifully over feminine curves as it does over an athletic build or a smaller chest. No pinching, no pulling. No laying down on the bed to get it zipped up, and only the most liberated feeling for your sassy little hips.In case you're curious, I still have the jeans buried somewhere in my closet, but this dress has replaced them as my go-to uniform of sorts.A superhero cape for my everyday style, and exactly what I reach for when I head out the door on my way to great things. I have a feeling that you're going to love it too, and I'm already excited to hear what you think!XO - Jessie PepperPs. - Don't forget you can grab your own superhero cape by pre-ordering a Pepper Dress through our Kickstarter campaign! The last full day to purchase is on May 2nd, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 😘 Darling denim from here