Productivity | My Morning Routine


Rolling out of bed to see your home (and puppy!) featured on a website you admire is certainly a great way to start the week...

Monday was THAT sort of moment for me, and I had such a blast sharing some of my "getting ready" process with my sweet friend on her blog, Camille Styles.Take a peek at the whole feature right here, and keep reading for a few extra details of the special morning moments that I love so much.Journaling Favorites. Over the past two years, I've been filling up notebooks like it's nobody's business. My favorites depend on what I'm actually using to fill the pages, and yes I DO keep different journals for different subjects. (Does anyone else do this or is it just me?) I use this sweet Sugar Paper spiral-bound for telling stories about Season, and then this metallic leather-bound for taking notes about spiritual discussions with friends or during a great sermon at church. My day to day prayers and musings end up in whatever I have lined up in my stack of empties... Sometimes it's a boring old steno pad, sometimes it's a pretty gift from a friend, but currently it's this soft-cover Moleskine in my favorite "underwater blue" color. This one has also become my travel go-to for the handy pocket in the back and the ability to open wide/lay flat for easy writing in any location.Recommended Reading. I'm a bookworm at heart, and while my genre preferences tend to change from time to time, I can almost always guarantee that you'll find me flipping the pages of a non-fiction title each morning before I start my day.  Favorites from the past year have included The War of Art, Essentialism, Chasing Slow, Love Warrior, The Naked Now, Wild + Free, Let Your Life Speak, and Lioness Arising... SO many great options. Fun fact about me: One of my favorite things to do is recommend books for certain topics, so please let me know if there is anything specific you'd like to dive into and I'm happy to share my suggestions!Coffee Condiments. Most of the time, I'm pretty happy with the simple order of a piping-hot americano, but when I make my coffee at home every morning -- It's technically my breakfast, so it better be good. I usually brew one cup of regular while I fill a favorite mug with the following; half a teaspoon of Swerve or monkfruit, a generous shake of this powdered creamer (or a splash of cashew milk), a scoop of this marine collagen, and a dollop of organic cold-pressed coconut oil. Adding the hot coffee is usually enough to mix everything together, but if I'm feeling fancy I'll use a milk frother and add ground cinnamon or organic vanilla extract or peppermint essential oil. Typing this all out here makes it sound like a ton of work, but I think the routine is what makes it so enjoyable and I like feeling like I'm starting each day with a special treat just for me.

Find out more about how I get ready for my day over on Camille Styles, and keep an eye out for extra cameos from my sweet Sadie Mae!

Photos by Heather Kincaid.