Season | I Found Our Fabric!


Adapted from last weekend's Pepper Letter:

I have no less than six new pimples on my face this morning, and they all seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

Woke up yesterday noticing that my chin looked like a bumpy mess and the undergrounders are so bad that it literally hurts when I smile.The corresponding thought process goes like this: Confusion. Betrayal. Shame. Anger. Resolve.I promise to the Pimple Gods that I will never eat sugar again, and instantly curse the Coconut Macaroon that seemed to hop onto my plate at the dinner buffet in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.It was the perfect combination of crispy golden exterior dipped in the deepest dark sheen of chocolate that I've ever seen on a dessert. The first bite was bliss when I realized that the inside was filled with fluffy toasted coconut, and I remember thinking that THIS is what the clouds in Heaven must be made of.I know what you're thinking: Ya right, Weirdo. There is no way that one single moment of weakness brought back the cystic acne you've been fighting off since the 8th grade.This is the part where I wish I could agree with you, but NOW let me tell you that it was not just one single cookie that brought me down...

The day had been a long one.

Thousands of vendors, very few people who understood basic english, and only a handful of companies that align with the four Core Values that Season is being built upon. 

I had gone all the way to this big fancy trade show and by the third day, it started to feel like I might have been wrong to think that making the trip would be worth it. 

I've always been an emotional snacker, and in that all-you-can-eat moment (after a day of despair) the cookies -- yes, multiple cookies* -- were very clearly doomed to a fate of being stuffed into my face.

So, fast forward to Thursday morning...

I woke up back in Long Beach (very happy to have a good night's sleep in my own bed), and I decided to get over my trade show disappointment so I could get on with the week.Running low on options and knowing that our sample deadline was looming, I made the trek to downtown Los Angeles and continued my search for the perfect fabric.The garment district is messy and frenetic and after walking in circles with absolutely no luck? The disorganized vibe felt like the perfect match for my disintegrating mood.

Until I met Ruben...

He was like a beaming beacon of hope amidst mountains of fabric bolts, and when I came across the printed silk that is now piled up in my guest bedroom: our smiles synced up and I could feel my face illuminate. (Which was probably because of the reflection of the fluorescent lights bouncing off of his gold tooth, but that's really besides the point.)We had been looking for 100 yards of fabric to make about 30 dresses for our first production run, but with deadstock materials - I'm learning that it is SO tough to find exactly what you want.I said hello to the shop cat while they checked the back for more than just the small roll I had my hand, and couldn't stop thinking, "This is the stuff!" while I prayed for good news.The gal finally comes back and says, "We have two more bolts of the very same print and if you want the entire stock, it will be exactly 99.5 yards."

Jaw drops.

I see the price and do some calculations in my head before gritting my teeth and handing over my credit card. (Might as well get some airline points while I'm at it.)Ready for the best part? I am 100% sure that this 100%-silk is even more perfect that I could have imagined on my own. A playful geometric print, that I'm already daydreaming about wearing -- It's a black-and-white wonder that will be the star of our kickstarter campaign, for SURE.

The ONLY bummer is the limited quanitity, but if you sign up over here -- You'll always get in on the first dibs. ;) 

Now, I'm off to address this pimply chin by taking a cue from my very own FB hangout from last week... Tea tree oil to start and then it's back to my full skincare routine now that I'm back in Long Beach for a while. 

In the meantime -- it's so fun to have you along for the ride, and my fingers are crossed to have more good news when I talk to you next!Praising The Lord Despite My Pimples,XO - Jessie PepperPs: Remember how I said that 100 yards would make around 30 dresses? Here was another blessing that I stumbled across yesterday: The rolls that I purchased are much wider than our dressmaker originally needed, so the 99.5 yards will make more like 40 dresses instead! Know what that means?! Nine more for you, and one for little old me!!!! :)

*I am too ashamed to tell you how many cookies "mulitple cookies" means.

 Image via Home and Delicious.