Looking Up | Spring 2017


Back with another round of what MAY be my most personal type of post, here on the blog...

Here's Looking Up: A (fairly) comprehensive list of the weirdest things that I've been googling lately.

Find the last installment right here, and please don't make fun of me for wondering whether or not anyone will notice if I start dressing like a superhero.PROPAGATING PAPERWHITES -- We planted a little row of bulbs back in December, and since they've already bloomed, I have a feeling they are ready to be dug up and dried out for next year! Thinking of nabbing this midcentury planter as a home for the regrowth...HEELED BLACK MULES WITH TASSLE -- Another big Shopbop sale started this week, and I probably should have known that such a specific search would lead me to JUST the right spot.  I've got a few other fancy finds tucked in my shopping cart for Spring, and now the only question is: Do I NEED to book a cruise to justify buying this aptly named beach-bag-of-my-dreams?!LONG BEACH DUFFY BOAT RENTALS -- I'm so pumped to have my parents coming to visit over Easter weekend in April, and we're going to do a fun little family cruise with brunch and mimosas after church on Sunday! Ps. - If you happen to be observing Ash Wednesday this week, I'd love to have you join me in re-listening to this lovely podcast about the start of Lenten season. (Find the full iTunes feed here.)

CONVERTIBLE LEATHER BACKPACK - It's no surprise that I love pieces that switch from one cool thing to another, and so when I stumbled across this line of gorgeous leather bags  --the only trouble was trying to decide which one needed to come home with me! (Still daydreaming about this one and this one.)

MISMATCHED OSCAR SHOES - Not only am I DYING to DIY my own pair of the sunny yellow sparklers that Naomie Harris wore on the red carpet, but I loved her outfit SO much that I can't stop thinking about trying to sneak a cape onto the back of our Season dresses and calling it a day. ;)

Tag me with your own funny search history over on twitter, and include #ImLookingUp so we can keep track of all the laughs!

*Cute stoop borrowed from here