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sunny window

Guys, thank you SO much for all of the kind words about Season this week...

It's been such a tedious process so far and I'm not even close to the finish line yet! I've encountered more road blocks than you would probably believe, but here's the thing: I know those come with every new business, and there is no way I'm ready to give in just yet.Instead, I'm letting your encouragement and God's grace pull me through, and to say that I'm ready for this weekend would be a HUGE understatement. G and I are actually spending it here in Scottsdale for a few days of sunshine with my fam, and when we get back to California I'll be getting ready for some upcoming Marriage is Funny events happening in Kansas City next week!

Regardless of whether you'll be chilling outside or fighting cabin fever this weekend, here are a few of my favorite sprinkles from around the web lately...

Wine Without Fuss // Do yourself a favor and cash in on the wine delivery trend as a special late-winter treat. We've had fun testing out some new-to-us labels, and the folks over at Bright Cellars are hitting the Pinot Noir right on the head lately. ;) Added Bonus: if you sign up using this link, you'll get $30 of credit towards your first box!Loungewear Love // I've been pairing this sleep chemise from peach with some cozy slippers and a sweatshirt at home, and then adding a silk kimono and some knee high boots for running my errands around town. Who says you can't wear your pajamas out of the house?! (Not me.)Tech-cessories // Just nabbed a pair of these snazzy Happy Plugs for all the plane flights that I've been on lately, and now can't stop thinking about getting this pretty new marbled case to match. Currently using the earbuds to jam through a killer new podcast about getting a cookbook deal, and it's been SO fun to hear my sweet friend Jess telling the story of how she reached a big dream!Lash Lady // Between discovering my latest mascara obsession and learning how to use these "baby" falsies from Ardell, I've found that it hardly takes any other make-up before I feel bright-eyed, and presentable enough to hit the road! I've written about my love of lashes before, but have really upped my game since the last post and will try to share a full Beauty Bite update with you here very soon. ;)Real-life Flavor // I usually stay away from typical spice blends at the grocery store because I like to have more control over exactly what and how much I am adding to my dishes. After trying this chocolatey blend on my popcorn recently, the folks at Just Spices might have completely changed my mind! (Excited to try it sprinkled on coconut ice cream with fresh blueberries next.)---Image borrowed from here