Read | 4 Books to Reach for in 2017



My bookwormy-ness has reached new heights over the past year.

Brother handed over a hand-me-down iPad mini last summer, and I downloaded the Kindle app faster than you can say paperback. I keep it loaded up with at least three titles at a time, and it hardly ever leaves my side. Finished Half The Sky last night and started The Hiding Place this morning.Did you get any reading done over the holiday break?Today I'm sharing a few titles that I'm excited about, and celebrating the humbling fact that I happen to have some really incredible friends.Kitchen Inspo | One Part Plant by Jessica MurnaneBesides our love of NBA basketball, comedy podcasts, and the goodness of an icy cold glass of mezcal, Jess and I have a few health issues in common and an outlook on food that goes hand in hand. Her cookbook is full of delicious plant-based recipes you will LOVE, and I simply can't wait to break in my new roasting dish with a pan of her creamy mushroom lasagna this winter.Heart + Soul | Chasing Slow by Erin LoechnerErin is one of those people who makes you want to sit cross-legged on the couch while listening to her riff on the elements of that new-fashioned lifestyle that she is so passionately inspired by. The beautiful writing will make you relish the recount of her own story, and this one is perfect for anyone craving a shift in perspective that's based on priorities instead of performance.Clean It Up | The Life Edit by Meg BiramActionable and well-organized... Two things that I've aspired to be for as long as I can remember, and two things that this book will bring to any modern gal's closet. Meg is a go-getter with a heart of gold, and she knows more about getting sh*t done than any other stylish, business-minded babe that I've ever met.Morning pages | Let it Out by Katie DaleboutI've always loved to sneak in a bit of journaling here and there, but after reading this book my habit was launched to the next level. Katie shares prompts, ideas, and encouragement for how to approach writing your heart out in a down-to-earth way, and I agree with her belief that it can be the greatest tool to find your purpose and get you unstuck for good. Using the suggestions from this book has made a big impact on a new pursuit of mine this year, and I'm so glad that I have the story documented with pen and paper in my own words!Beautiful book cabinet borrowed from Nicole Franzen.