Life | More Great Love in 2017



Admittedly not my typical New Year's post, but as I take a look back at 2016... it's remarkable to see how allowing for ease (instead of aiming for more) has made space for a tremendous amount of joy in our lives.

This was not easy for a self-proclaimed over-achiever to get used to, but here is the gosh-darn truth:I work less, I drive less, I shop less, I post less, I watch less, I check less, I blog less, I say less, I need lessOf course there are so many wonderful blessings to have more of in our lives (journaling! dance parties! dark chocolate!), but if I've learned one big thing over the past twelve months, it's this:

Great Love is all we really need.

On that note... we're off to spend the rest of the day with family and friends, but I'M SO EXCITED for the year to come and am sending bear hugs and giggle fits and many blessings your way!XOXO - Jessie PepperPs. - Always fun to look back and read what I was adding "more" of in 20162015, 2014 + 2013.Photo by Creative Marriages