If You Love // Vol. 6 [GIFT EDITION]



Gift-mania happening over at Casa de Pepper this week!

I'm knee-deep in editing the last few shows of The Perfect Wife today, but since the bulk of my free time has been spent shopping for gifts lately, I thought it would be fun to share a round up of some favorites that found during my santa-style quest...

If you love sustainably made basics with a fashion forward edge, grab this crisp white tent tank for your sister-in-law with sporty style.

If you love your tiny goddaughter and believe in the power of playing pretend, you'll agree that every little girl needs a ride-along llama to be her new best friend.

If you love antipasto plates with briney olives and spicy hummus, pick up a gorgeous set of cheese knives for your snack-loving dad.

If you love beautiful design and have a mom who drinks a lot of tea, give her a fancy wooden spoon that she can use to stir in a big dollop of local orange blossom honey.

If you love your three nephews and know that the power of siblinghood is strong, build up the brotherhood with these family t-shirts that are perfect for helping them stand out on the playground.

If you love to eat gooey chocolate chip cookies and simply cannot get enough of your best friend's signature recipe topped with extra fancy sea salt, get her this cellar to keep the treats coming.If you love sharing new health-food trends with your sweet kooky neighbor, grab her a few of these Moon Juice chocolate bars for your next front porch hangout. (And then maybe grab a few for yourself OR ME, too.)If you love seeing jewlery that has a story behind the sparkle, snag a monogrammed gold cuff bracelet for your grandma who has always been an example of living with purpose.If you love being a "big-sis" to your darling tween-aged cousin, tell her about the magic of low-maintenance hairstyles and sneak one of these chic pave hairpins into her stocking.If you love playing hostess with your husband while he pours the drinks, give him this genius deck of cocktail cards and a super-cool shaker to help keep his barcart well-stocked.

Such a fun time of year to bless our people with clever gifts, and I'd love to have you tell me about the goodies that you're excited to give (or get!) this month. :)

Ps. - Wishing a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mama today!Peach + Gin Fizz from The Citizenry