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beautiful entry way

We are on a mission to find a rug for our bedroom before the end of the year, and after months of searching, I'm determined to put this project to rest.

Honestly, rugs are one of the things that I understand least about home decor... Whether it's the ridiculously high price point to the trillion different styles/types/piles/etc -- Hardly any of it matters besides how it looks when we walk in the room, and how it feels under our feet when we crawl out of bed.(Yes, we are currently sleeping in the same one.)I've got a pretty ambitious budget and list of criteria, and I think the reason it has taken so long to find something is that I'm holding out for JUST the right one.It feels like I've searched high and low online, but the shipping costs are usually outrageous and even when places like West Elm or CB2 have huge sales, I don't typically see much that would complement the other decor in the room. (I love this one, but can't decide if the multi-levels/textures will bother me or not.)SO, here's the plan: Next week, we'll hit up a few local stores -- the rug outlet near our house that has great prices and a HUGE selection, and we will also check Living Spaces to see if they have anything new since last week (HA). I'm starting to get a leetle nervous that we won't find anything before our annual Epiphany Party on Jan 7th, and even though it is certainly not the end of the world in any case (and also NOT the point of the party), I am just so excited that we are finally *almost* finished with decorating our bedroom and we want everything to look wonderful!

Stay tuned to our @meetthepeppers instagram channel to watch as I continue on with my mission (while G goofs off along the way), and in the meantime: tweet me your suggestions if you have any intel on fabulous floor coverings! ;)

 *An extra step closer after squeezing the gargantuan armoire through the window last weekend! Image of gorgeous Pampa rug via here.