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I've always said that the perfect wife does not exist, but now that she's here (in audio format) I guess I have to change my tune...

When we started Marriage is Funny 18 months ago, I had a hunch that our messy relationship was not the only one out there.Mr. Pepper and I started recording the kind of conversations that we needed to be held accountable for, and were blown away by the response from people who felt released from their own unrealistic expectations of marriage.One of the things that we have learned is that being the perfect partner for each other is truly impossible, and you've heard me say it many times -- pursuing Great Love is simply the best way to go.

As I have continued to grow and change as a person, I can see that this same principle of grace applies to each individual just as much as it does to the actual concept of love.

If we agree that the marriage doesn't have to be perfect, then the wife shouldn't have to be perfect either.tpw-teaseMy favorite thing about our latest spinoff -- A new mini-series podcast called The Perfect Wife -- is that even when we see a relationship or wedding or spouse that looks flawless from the outside, it doesn't always mean that the people involved are not laughing through the mess behind closed doors.

For us, finding the humor has been where we've seen forgiveness and joy and tenderness flood into our lives... Now, I'm looking for these giggle-filled moments every chance I get.

This new show is full of honest conversations with 12 wives I admire, and I am SO thankful that these friends have joined me on the journey of proving that The Perfect Wife does not exist.Excited to share that you can now listen on iTunes, and I honestly cannot wait to hear what you think! Album art image by Christa Norman Photo.