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Guys, last week I turned 32 years old.

Not exactly the oldest gal on the internet, but I've got just enough birthdays under my belt to REALLY appreciate the merits of a solid skin skincare routine.*On the morning of my birthday, I was thinking about what our life has looked like over the past year while feeling pretty dang good about the one to come. I finished a bit of writing, downed the last of my coffee and then we celebrated all weekend with a few of my favorite pals.

Then... the election happened.

The social media sh*t-storm (that we've all been experiencing for months) finally seemed to climax with an explosive dichotomy of most people expressing either their feelings of triumph or utter despair and disbelief.There are still SO many things about the political direction of our country that I don't understand, and regardless of whether your candidate won or lost (or even made it on the ballot), most of us can agree that it has been an emotionally charged week for many reasons.When I sat down to write this morning -- I couldn't seem to think of anything but this:As the protesting and demonstrations keep creeping into the news, I'm praying that those who are marching will do so with the biggest outpouring of love that they can possibly muster. I'm praying for peace instead of violence, and asking that comfort will appear to those who are feeling anger and unrest. I'm praying for our nation to realize that we have to keep going, and we are so lucky that we have the choice to do it with a supernatural amount of grace.As we get ready for frequent family time that comes along with the this time of year, I'm praying that we can leave the one-sided arguments and eye-rolling behind us. I'm praying for listening instead of yelling and empathy instead of stubbornness. I'm praying for our holiday dinner tables to be the place where thankful hearts are celebrated, and that the quality-time brings us closer as we count all of our blessings.As the tragic rumblings of racism and hate continue to appear, I'm praying that the people who have been marginalized and underserved - the people who have been criticized and unfairly stereotyped - will wholeheartedly understand and believe that they were created for a purpose. I pray that despite how it might look, sound or feel: they would know that are many people in this country who are ready to stand with them in support.Throughout the last several days, there have been dozens of times that I have felt my gut clench with the grip of frustration or injustice, and I've also felt plenty of guilt in seeing how unfair it is to have certain privileges that I believe everyone deserves.

At the core of it all, I am truly longing to see healing for our divided nation.

I can hardly imagine what that would look like just yet, but it hardly seems possible to move forward without pointing our hearts to heaven.  At the moment, it's tough to think of anything else besides praying for our leaders, praying for our people, and praying for our opportunities to be a reflection of His love. 

 *My current favorite, in case you're wondering. Bright balloons borrowed from here.