Happy *ALMOST* Birthday, S+P!


mint ice cream

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face.

This is admittedly NOT something that happens everyday, but c'mon -- The Summer Friday before a three-day weekend? There was simply no need to pull the pillow over my head and wish for a few more minutes on my new mattress.Gerard came in to kiss me awake and reminded me that he'd be home early before heading out the door. Sadie nuzzled my hand and reminded me that it was time to sit and stretch ourselves awake while we snuggle on the rug.I made my way to the kitchen nook for my quiet time and a bit of the news, and when I noticed the date -- it hit me...

Next week will mark my sixth year as being self-employed, and September 7th is the very day that I announced that I had left my full-time job to pursue Style + Pepper!

The EXTRA fun thing about it is that we are jumping back into Marriage is Funny next week, and the first episode of Season 3 will go live on the very same day. A totally unplanned coincidence, and I'm actually a little MIF-fed (LOL... get it?) that I hadn't thought of it before now.

We've got the usual lots-of-fun-and-laid-back kind of weekend ahead of us, but I just wanted to pop in to say a huge THANK YOU for being here.

Thank you for sticking with me through the evolution of this site, and thank you for clicking through even when I was still trying to find my words. 

Thank you for inspiring me to discover what it means to design a flavorful life, and thank you for being patient as I continue learning how to pursue gloriously adventurous living in His holy name.   

XOXO - Jessie

 Ps. - Does this photo of Krystal make anyone else want chocolate mint and a white manicure, right this very instant?!