Travel | Great Love Getaway Oct 2016



The next Great Love Getaway is around the corner, and we want YOU to come with us!

G and I are VERY excited to be taking another group of listeners down to Mexico in the Fall and I wanted to make sure that my S+P sweeties have a chance to join in on the fun. We currently have room for just two more couples, and I already know that this trip is going to be another highlight of our year.We are constantly trying to figure out the best ways to keep our marriage healthy, and I can honestly say that traveling together has become one of our favorite strategies. To us, a spectacular vacation is jam-packed with three main things, and we create each Getaway as a chance for our guests to embrace the following:

CONNECT | Meet a group of like-minded friends who love their spouse as much as you do.

PLAY | On the beach or around the pool, but please don't forget your dance party shoes.

REST | Just leave the details up to us. No need to lift a finger and you won't touch your wallet once.

I'll include some quick details below, but you can find all of the info (plus an awesome video) over on our official Great Love Getaway page.

Who:  A handful of our favorite couples from The Great Love Gang, PLUS our special guests: Ron + Morgan Day Cecil from Romance + Adventure!

When: Arrive to the property after 3pm on Wednesday, October 12th and head home anytime on Sunday, October 16th.

Where: A luxurious villa in PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO (all-caps necessary, and passports are required!)

Cost: EARLY BIRDS pay $2300 per couple. There are only four spots available at that price, and after that it will be $2600 per couple.

What: The price covers 5 days + 4 nights in your own private bedroom/bathroom at a luxury villa. All meals and local transportation are included, the property is equipped with a full staff (cook/butler/security guard/driver), AND each couple will be treated to lots of treats throughout the week! For proof-of-fun, you can listen to the live recording from our April 2016 trip right here.

Flights: We love using our Southwest Airlines points for stuff like this (they now have service to PV, which is great!)... If you sign up for a credit card and start spending (AND paying off the balance as you go!!!), you should be able to earn a decent chunk of miles towards covering the flights for your trip.


Please let me know if you have any questions, and in the meantime -- We're so excited for the start of Season 3 on September 7th! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes in order to make sure that you don't miss a thing. ;)

Ps. - I'm squeezing this guy SUPER-tight because it's his birthday today! Love you to the moon and back, Mr Pepper! Unlimited bear-hugs forever and ever!Photos by our dear friends at Creative Marriages.