Looking Up // Search Engine Confessions


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Who was it that said you can tell a lot about a person by the search history on their web browser... Eleanor Roosevelt? David Bowie? My surprisingly tech-savvy* Dad?

Asking someone about the most interesting thing that they've looked up on the internet recently is one of my favorite ways to start a conversation, and after putting plenty of friends in the hot seat (including many of my guests over here!) I've decided to fess up and share a few of my own web-searches from the last week or so.LIFE CYCLE OF A DAHLIA BUSH - Mine is looking a little grim... I need to know why it's unhappy and how I can save it. Also: What's with the ridiculously large amount of gardening websites that look like they're haven't been touched since 1994?WHY DOES MY DOG PURPOSELY STAND IN FRONT OF ME ALL THE TIME? - Maybe if I figure out the answer I can prevent it from happening. Up until this point, screeching "MOVE" does not work.NUTRITIONAL CONTENT OF AQUAFABA - I have been hesitantly testing out some sugar-free ice cream recipes after reading about it here, and was instantly suspicious of it's fluffy deliciousness.AUTO-SAVING PERISCOPE VIDEOS - Trying to decide if I want to get back to broadcasting there, or start using FB Live here instead.PODCASTS ABOUT GARDENING - See first point. If I'm going to be spending so much time caring for my plants, I might as well be hearing about them through my earBUDS while I work. (See what I did there?!) Not having much luck, but am going to keep digging around. ;)WHY IS THERE A BLACK SPLAT ON APRIL ROSS? - Or more importantly: How do I mend my broken heart caused by the loss to Brazil on Tuesday night. Thank goodness that USA ended up taking bronze in beach volleyball (just love those ladies), and now I'm itching to dive and spike in the sand!

Tag me with your own funny search history over on twitter, and include #ImLookingUp so that we can all have a laugh!

*He majorly impressed me with his knowledge of parallax websites when we chatted via FaceTime earlier today... Pretty sure he also joined snapchat before I did, so there's also that.Image via The Evergirl