Life | Ripples of Encouragement


Social media was starting to bug me earlier this summer, so I took a break and started to experiment with what my friend Erin calls the slow blogging approach.

Partially because I felt lacking in inspiration and partially because I wanted to see what would happen if I pulled back on spending so much of time and energy on this "online life" I've created.Lately, our household routines and habits have been changing A TON based on G's travel/work schedule, and one of the biggest things that I'm still getting used to is WAY more alone time than I've ever had before. (Note to self: might make sense to start seriously considering a co-working space.)

For an extrovert, this kind of isolation -- especially when you're not used to it, can be totally draining.I've tried to acknowledge and embrace my introverted side by getting excited about things I might only do when I'm by myself: reading fiction, trying new workouts, writing a TON (things that I'm all very thankful to have during my spare time!) but the feelings of loneliness during the workday have still been pretty tough to shake.

Fast forward to this week, and for some reason I've been in the mood to get back to more of my usual online-posting and participation... A silly tweet here, a cute story there -- digital baby steps, if you will. Dipping my tiniest toe back into the pool and am struck by the ripples of encouragement that have appeared. 

When I open snapchat or instagram to find a slew of random, funny and heartwarming messages from people I love? It feels like you sweethearts are luring me back towards the water, and I must say it's working.

Social media can be such a weird creature. An identity-eating monster at times, and a glorious connection-building friendship machine at others.

After many years of posting my life online, I guess it's inevitable that I'd experience wild swings to both sides of the spectrum and also have plenty of time hovering somewhere in between.It still floors me to think of how many of my dearest friends are actually bright spots that have popped up along my internet path.

As we've moved around over the past few years, I just can't shake the truth of how much my relationships are so closely tied to the core of my being.If you've been following S+P for a while, you may have noticed that things are a bit different around the site since making the move to Long Beach last year... Most notably, we lost our project manager and my outfit posts are less frequent because G had to turn the photography over to someone else.

I guess you could say that I'm still trying to find some sort of groove that includes podcasting, retreats, mentoring, AND a big new project that I've recently added to my plate for 2017. All the while having no real clue where this blog will fit in to all of that! Trying to be very clear about my intentions after reading this book a few weeks ago, and slowly but surely -- am starting to get a better idea of what my next few months and years might look like.

The one thing I keep being reminded of throughout all of this...There is grace to be found amidst the tiny curated squares, and hope can be squeezed into a hundred and forty characters.

Whether it's the three new websites I created this month, or *this!* my official 1,353rd post -- I'm anchoring as much as I possibly can to the truth I believe in, and trying to keep my toenails polished so that when I DO jump in, you'll see a pedicure that I can be proud of.

XOXO - Jessie