If You Love | Vol. Four


If you love your garden, but hate pesky bugs -- keep the ants out of your plants with this kitchen secret... We've been sprinkling it around the edge of my beds in the front yard after noticing a Summer invasion, and thankfully they seem to be gone for good!

If you love neon brights, but prefer to keep the chemicals off your fingertips -- try this anti-animal-testing punchy peach-y polish... I started loving and using this color a few years ago, but finally found a place to buy it online and since I'm almost out, it's time for me to restock.

If you love meatless dishes, but also prefer when every bite is delicious -- try this baked crispy tofu... and top with my pea pesto sauce for extra zing! Would be great layered in a bowl with farro or quinoa, but toss it all over some fresh kale for an easy weekday salad.

If you love updating your decor, and are excited to start adding layers for Fall -- try sleeping with two duvets on one bed*... We've been sleeping in separate rooms ever since this conversation, but perhaps a new blanket configuration will be the move that brings us back together?

If you love a crisp white wine, but never know which one to pick -- grab the Washington Pinot Grigio from Anew... A little tough to believe that the taste could actually top the gorgeous packaging, but your favorite wine-label-connoisseur (that's me) wants to tell you that it's true. We've been having A TON of fun with their creative cocktail recipes this Summer and I bet you can guess which one it my favorite. ;)

Use the hashtag #pepperloves to tell me what you’re into this week, and I’d love to include some reader favorites in an upcoming round-up!

Image from SFGirl in Ojai