Concrete Catwalk // Silky Stripes



I've been dying to wear these leather booties for a while, but the warm days of summer simply haven't made for a perfect fit.

One of the ways that I justify off-season dressing is by aiming for balance between pieces that might not typically be put together... In this case, the slouch of my silky drawstring trousers dresses down the otherwise fancier accessories, and baring a bit of extra skin with a summery top allows me to reach for footwear that might otherwise be saved for the upcoming Fall.Style&PepperMay010

Shop the Look:Strapless corset topStatement collar necklaceStriped drawstring trousersAria boot from Perla FormentiniMetallic box clutchImages by Christa Norman Photo

Style&PepperMay014Especially now that we live somwhere that almost feels like the same season throughout the year, I'm excited for the challenge of curating a closet that feels relevant and comfortable no matter what month we're in!Style&PepperMay006Style&PepperMay022Style&PepperMay002 Style&PepperMay017Style&PepperMay005