If You Love | Vol. Three


vegan fudgesiclesIf you love chocolatey delights, but are looking for something with no dairy - try these vegan fudgesicles... Extra credit for creative toppings and always opt for the chance to eat them outside.If you love lounging in the sun, but want to protect your skin without parabens (or white flakey residue) - try this organic sunscreen... I've sampled at least four this year, and this one is best for everything from wearing under makeup to applying before a midday run!If you love the chill of cloudy mornings by the water, but have to start the day by staying cozy - try this drapey cardigan... I own TWO in black and literally wear them all the time.If you love playing by the water, but want a cute cover-up for your swimsuit - try this sassy eyelet tunic... I love pieces that can multi-task in a pinch and this sweet piece would be just as perfect worn to dinner with white denim and some gold strappy sandals.If your dining room needs a refresh, but you want something a hair prettier than neutral - try pale pink walls with pops of brass... The look is a tad more feminine than we usually go for at home, and I'm trying to figure out how to convince Mr. Pepper to hop on board. :)

Use the hashtag #pepperloves to tell me what you're into this week, and I'd love to include your summer favorites in an upcoming round-up!

Image via My New Roots