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mid century desk 1Image via Design*Sponge

OH HAI THERE!Typing to you from my first day at my new desk, and I must say it feels fab. (Not the one pictured above, but I'll tell you the full story here...)Ever since moving to Long Beach in October, I've been bummed out about leaving my ideal home office situation back in Hoboken. Currently, we live in a two-bedroom bungalow that has teeny-tiny rooms, which means that we have to be smart when it comes to creating multi-functional corners where ever we can.Which brings me to the guest bedroom. (Literally. Here I am, right now.)I've already taken over the closet so that G can have the one in our room all to himself, so it just kind of made sense that we'd stick a desk in this room and have me use it as my home office as well.Amidst the busyness of getting settled (nearly nine months ago!) and then the realization that I preferred to work from my laptop in other areas of the house, I quickly realized that the less I used this room, the easier it was to avoid finishing up the styling and decor. In fact, we've neglected it SO hard that Mr. Pepper and I actually sleep in here because it feels nicer to give our guests the master bedroom when they visit!A handful of weeks ago, I met a new friend named Adrienne and she generously offered her interior styling help to get our sad little spare room up to snuff. I've already made what feels like great progress with her advice, and honestly, it felt like even just taking a second (and third and fourth and fifth) look at the layout of the room made a ginormous difference -- Hooray!When we started, I'll admit that the flow of the room was SO off. My desk was tucked behind the closet door, and my back was to the entrance of the room when I sat down at the chair. The guest bed (which is currently being replaced) was a queen-sized hand-me-down from when my brother lived with us last year, and ended up wedged into the far corner of the room which made it reallllly unfortunate for two people to sleep in and even WORSE when it came time to crawl all the way to the wall to change the sheets.I honestly felt like there were no other choices based on the needs for the room and the furniture that we wanted to keep, but Adrienne's graphic sketches of alternate floor plans were a HUGE breakthrough. I immediately noticed that the in the option I preferred most, she drew in a smaller desk in place of the clunky one that I already had. Funny enough, I thought that my original desk WAS already pretty small to begin with, and hadn't even considered looking for something that fit the space better.After looking through the rest of the rooms in the house (which I love!) and answering some questions about each one, I noticed that they all have a handful of design elements in common. Most noticeable seemed to be the strong mix of vintage decor AND modern lines... the guest room does have a vintage dining room hutch that holds my shoes/jewelry (you can see it in our first Hoboken apt here!), but I realized that there were really no other mid-century pieces to match the rest of the house.Needing a desk AND noticing this simple fact about my design style meant that I was ready to make my next big purchase... A new place to sit when I'm at my computer!Adrienne and I collected some inspiration images throughout our process of working together, and I continued to collect some favorites before hitting up my favorite thrift / vintage stores in the area. Nothing turned up after a fair amount of shopping, and I was NOT feeling thrilled about having to wait for the next Long Beach Flea Market later this month. Right as I was ready to give up the hunt, I noticed this miniature secretary desk while wandering through West Elm with Gerard a few weekends ago, and was instantly smitten! I decided to hold off just in case it ended up in one of their 4th of July sales, and sure enough: A few clicks later and she was winging her way here at 20% off.

mid century desk 6Mid-Century Mini Secretary Desk from West Elm

She looks perfect in her new spot by the door, and I was so relieved to see that all of my desk stuff fits right inside. I LOOOOOVE that when the cupboard is closed my clutter is concealed, and as a major added bonus: I can move my wireless keyboard and mouse to the top shelf beneath my monitor and use it as a standing desk whenever I want!Having a bit more space in the rest of the room has allowed us to the move the bed away from the wall, and now I'm positive that the room is far more comfortable for the many guests we're expecting throughout the summer. (Mom + Dad will be here for two nights this weekend, and I'm so excited to show them the progress since they were here this past Christmas!)We're still on the hunt for a wall sconce that will bring some extra light to my workspace (looking at this one in black), and of course the rest of the room needs a bit more TLC. I've already noticed a huge change in how much I enjoy sitting here while I crank out my best work, and can't wait to make more of the changes while I continue to optimize the space.I'll be sure to share a full before-and-after post as soon as it's ready (still have more to go on finding the right art and optimizing my jewelry organization), but in the meantime thought It would be fun to share some of the inspiration photos that nudged me over the perfect-honed mid-century ledge. ;)

mid century desk 3Desk Shape via Vintage Ground

mid century desk 2Mod bookshelves via Style Me Pretty

mid century desk 4Chair pairing idea via Blood & Champagne

mid century desk 5 A shorter version via Urban Outfitters

Stay tuned for more on the room re-design and I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week, my friends!