Life | Split Decision Summer


I just made a split decision (at nearly 4PM on a Thursday) to type out some things that have been zipping through my brain lately...

We're leaving for Missouri tomorrow to spend the weekend with G's family at the lake, and I realized that this is pretty much the only vacation that we have planned until the next Great Love Getaway in October. Normally the mere thought of staying put for so long would make me feel instantly claustrophobic, but I've noticed that since moving to Long Beach (our Soul City!), my wanderlust has calmed down quite a bit.

That's NOT to say that I don't have a LONG wish-list of travel spots or tons of experiences that I'm excited about, but for once in a very long time -- I am SO ridiculously happy with where we call home. More on that another time, but for now let's get back to the blog at hand...

After celebrating the finale of Marriage is Funny, so much of my work-time has been tied up in non-blog-related ways. Learning from a few of my favorite ladies about how (not) to be The Perfect Wife and continuing to think/pray about an entirely new project that I plan to pursue this upcoming Fall.At home, we're spending lots of time gardening on the patio, fixing up our kitchen bit by bit (before and after on it's way!) and getting our spare room ready for lots of house guests and a few possible long-term visitors.

I notice that my schedule has shifted, and meeting my bestie for Happy Hour or biking to my favorite vintage shop in town have become the type of deadlines that I will drop everything to meet. Penning my heart out into paper journals has become my favorite form of non-social media, and I notice that it now feels much more special when I DO stop to share the good stuff online.

Here's what I really want you to know:

The older I get and the longer I blog, the more I realize how lucky I am to have this little space as my internet home... I truly do miss it when the posts get a little more sporadic, but I've been reminding myself that part of being able to share about a happy, healthy + flavorful life is actually going out and doing the living, right? Anyhow -- I hope you have the kind of weekend that makes your cheeks hurt from smiling and if you want to say hello, you can always send me a cheesy grin over on IG at @styleandpepper!

Image via Camille Styles