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wild and free book

wild and free book

Currently reading this little gem of a book called Wild And Free.

It has kept me up WAY past my bedtime for the past several nights, and has stirred something in my heart that I haven't felt since writing this Love Letter for my gals at Pepperologie... 

I know a girl always gushing with grand plans.

She spews daydreams like sunshine and ideas puddle at her feet until they evaporate in the sun. Her heart is always looking for ways to create, connect, and contribute to the world, and while it may feel overwhelming to some - I find it simply magical to be around.

Finding a place to hash out our splashy thoughts together can sometimes feel like collecting rainwater in a sieve, but I LIVE for being a bucket that catches the best bits until she's ready to dive in.

This book arrived during a season when identity and purpose have both explicitly been on my mind, and I am blown away by the inky truth that has been pressed hard into these pages.  Full confession: My grand-plan-gushing is just as forceful as it's ever been, but Jess Connolly + Hayley Morgan have so graciously and eloquently become the friends I need to help me embrace my Wild and my Free.

As the cover says, it is "A hope filled anthem for the woman who feels like she is both too much and never enough." -- A description that is rooted in truth; it takes my breath away and fills my sails with wind at the same time.

If you've ever wished that the tiny droplets of your dreams needed a safe place to land, I hope you’ll pick up this book.