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Style & Pepper Feb 103

I'm usually in all-out "efficiency mode" when it comes to my own fitness regimen, and most of the time that means going fast and hard to maximize the effects of my daily workout.

Despite wanting to be finished sooner and see better results, I'm also learning more and more about the importance of slowing down every once in a while...Typically this means I'll head to yoga or pilates for a low-impact class, but lately I've had a handful of days where the sweetest face in the world has convinced me that she'd do anything to join me for a stroll on the sand.It's especially encouraging on the days when I'm under the weather, which sometimes happens more often than I'd like to admit. (You can listen to us chat about that right here.) In those cases, there are three things that will get me out the door in a jiff and I'm all about using a little outside motivation to stay committed to at least SOME sort of healthy movement every single day.

  • A Puppy Partner - Seriously the best part. I'd do anything for that little nugget, and when she says "Walk" -- I walk. We're still working on rehab from her knee surgery in December, and the slower pace is good for both of our muscle recovery and repair.
  • Cute Gear - Instead of wearing a 10-yr-old t-shirt and paint stained leggings (which is what I have on at this very moment), I love putting on the kind of workout wear that will keep me from feeling schlumpy if I end up popping into a few stores to run a few errands at the same time. The look I'm wearing in these photos is a set from Fabletics (who does all the pairing work for you!) but I'm also a big proponent of simply combining some of your favorite pieces with a regular outfit for a multifunctional look.
  • Podcast Playlist - Tuning in to my favorite shows honestly feels like one of the best parts of my day, and especially for someone who is alone for most of the work week (aside from that furry little shadow), it almost feels like I'm spending time with some of my sweet friends when I listen to their latest episodes!

Style & Pepper Feb 109

Top to Bottom:Urbanears headphonesOld Navy tank + flip flopsFabletics jacket + leggings (currently loving this look as well!)Dharf bowtie collar + leashPhotos by Christa Norman

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