Beauty Bite // Long Wearing Lipstick



My love / hate relationship with lipstick started at a very early age.

My parents wouldn't let me wear make-up until I turned 21 (just kidding, it was more like 13) and I'll never forget the first time I tried to sneak around their "silly" rules...IMG_8455I slipped into my Mom's bathroom before school one day, and buried a tube of her frosted-pink gloss in the bottom of my backpack -- assuming it would make for easy application before my first class that morning. Little did I know that my lacquer of choice happened to be the long-wearing version of her favorite color, and trying to wipe off the bright hue was NOT going to help when she came to pick me up later that afternoon.IMG_8543Fast forward to dinner time and the gloss was peeling and sticky and probably all over the straw of my third Capri Sun, but I couldn't escape the stain it left and honestly haven't been too interested in long-wearing lipstick ever since...(I can't remember if I ended up getting in trouble, but I'm guessing that my Mom let the super-shiny shame take care of it.)IMG_8477When it comes to make-up THESE days, I'm all about beauty looks that make a big impact with the least amount of effort... Bold lips certainly fall into that category for me, and I love knowing that with a few quick swipes, the smile is framed and I'm ready to face the day.IMG_8578A few weeks ago, Maybelline was kind enough to send me a few shades of their SuperStay 24-hour lip color and I will admit: I was hesitant to try something that claimed to be so permanent! I picked an easy Sunday morning for my test run of the shade you see here, and figured that at least I'd be near my makeup remover if the color I chose turned out to be a dud.IMG_8489


The "Everlasting Wine" shade has quickly become one of my favorite colors, and it lasted all the way from morning coffee on the patio to a baseball game to an evening glass of Malbec with Mr. Pepper! Not a single touch-up needed and every time I looked in the mirror, all I really needed was a bit more of the moisturizing balm that is included on the other end of the tube.On another note -- G's opinion on lipstick has been VERY well documented, and I'm happy to say that the SuperStay 24 has officially changed his mind on things like cleaning our stained coffee mugs and date-night make-out sessions! ;)Bonus Points: My biggest issue with (post-30th-birthday) bold lips is the color bleeding that happens when I make lots of facial expressions... Those pescky micro-lines around my mouth absorb most highly-pigmented colors (which looks AWFUL) but this stuff stays in place so well that there has been no chance of that happening!One word of caution... Applying it towards the end of a day means that you'll probably need to use an oil-based cleanser when you're ready to completely remove the color. I love this one for removing make-up, but any natural oil will do!IMG_8480In the meantime, I'm excited to send my glamorous Mama a few shades of SuperStay for Mother's Day and will be sure to include a thank you note for giving me the freedom to figure out the many beauty hazards of life on my own. *wink*


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