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pretty plantI've always loved the fresh start of a New Year, but I'm saying NO THANKS to the pressure of setting up goals that might fizzle out by February.The past several Januaries have had me taking a much gentler approach, and instead of restrictions or rules, I try to pick a few things to intentionally add more of to my recipe for a flavorful life.  By incorporating new ingredients, it feels much less like a chore and far more like I’m whipping up something wonderful — Ya know what I mean? :)In order to hop right to it, here are the things I’m going to be reaching for MORE of in 2016:

More helping. // My business goals for this year have blossomed a bit out of control over the past few weeks, and I'm quickly remembering how easy it is to fill a schedule with non-negotiables and next-steps. By adding the intent of service and generosity I'm hoping to find more ways to make in impact in Long Beach, and build in more time to bless the women in our church community.

More racing. // I was VERY surprised to find that finishing a triathlon last year would have me craving yet another challenge merely minutes after crossing the finish line... I don't have anything on the calendar quite yet, but am hoping to sign up for another race and start training in the next few months.

More praying. // Something that is already a big priority in my life is at the prime opportunity to be taken to a new level... My intent is to protect a bit of time for writing each day, and hope that I'll be able to record more of the words that I end up sharing with our Creator. (This might be the coffee talking, but if I can work up the guts -- I may even try to share a few snippets with you here.)

More creating. // This one sounds pretty general, but I'm excited to start making something with my hands for a new project that is hopefully going to become the latest addition to the Style + Pepper brand!

More Vacations. // I already have quite a bit of travel in my life, but since most of it ends up being for work or to visit our family, G and I are planning to make a point of using up some of the airline miles that we have accrued over the past few years. Fingers crossed to see friends in Seattle, Portland, and Austin, and I can't wait to meet up with some of my favorite ladies for a girl's trip to San Francisco at the end of this month!

I'd love to hear your own additions for 2016, and feel free to share them with me here while I head over to finish the season premiere of Marriage is Funny for later this week!

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