If You Love... // Vol. Two



As we recover from a having a jam-packed house on Saturday, I'm not surprised to see that my Monday feels a bit slower than normal.

Hoping your weekend was restful or glittery or perhaps even both, and here are a few little things that I think you might love this morning...+ If you love cozy moments by a wood-burning flame: I've found that this Hearth candle by Nest is the next best thing to a fireplace that actually works. (Ours is over 75 years old and permanently out of order.)+ If you love unorthodox accessories but aren't in the mood to spend money: You can join me in getting creative with our mild-weather winter wardrobes. This inventive use of a tired sweater adds texture and warmth without looking like something you haven't worn in forever.+ If you love starting the day with a few quiet minutes to yourselfThe Bloom, Lovely Journal could be the perfect companion to get you going. Page through the encouraging quotes on a whim or answer the daily reflections for a more structured study on self-confidence.

What are some of the little nuggets that you’re going nuts for these days?

Tweet at me with your own current favorites and I’m excited to try out some new-to-me treasures! Beautiful white brick hearth featured here.