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swimming in the sea

Ever since mentioning the goal of more vacations in 2016, we're certainly gearing up for a year full of adventure.

Mr. Pepper and I covered a lot of ground over the last several months, but when we visited the Caribbean in July, it made us realize that there is still so much of the world we still haven't seen yet.Today's sprinkles are just a few of the things that are making us happy to hit the road, and I'm so excited to visit San Francisco, Scottsdale AND a surprise location for our Great Love Getaway between now and April!+ The Bags Are Loaded. Mr. Pepper has completely commandeered my Vessel travel bags, and since he's been on a plane practically every other week for work (listen in for more about that drama right here), it makes sense that I'd let him wrangle his stuff with the fanciest travel gear we've got. Another thing we love: For every bag purchased, they give a school backpack to a kiddo in need! Stay tuned for a fun Guy Style post featuring the line very soon.+ Great Love Getaway. Our podcast has connected us to some amazing new friends across the world, and instead of making another cross-country drive to fit in our visits -- we decided to invite everyone to meet us at a tropical beach for the very first official Great Love Getaway! It may look like a typical marriage retreat at first glance, but if you're following our story you know that we like cracking jokes and mixing cocktails WAYYYY too much to be called relationship experts.+ Luxury Group Adventures. As I've been planning for our own upcoming trips, I keep stumbling across these independent travel brands that mix socialization with exploration for a blend that is sure to make some incredible memories. El Camino Travel, Coast to Costa and Life Hooky have all caught my eye recently, and I love the idea of being paired up with curated local experiences, a group of life-minded travel buddies, and a professional photographer to capture the whole thing. (Because, ya know... Proof of margaritas and howler monkeys are of utmost importance.)+ Hosting In Your Own Home. One of our favorite ways to fund the ol' travel habit is by becoming a host on Airbnb! You can earn credits simply by signing up to make your own space available right here, and then of course, it's a great way to start saving up that extra cash for your next trip. We're going to be making our own little bungalow available for a few weeks this summer, and I can't wait to use the chance to share more pics of our little spot by the beach!+ Puppies On A Plane. Not the most convenient thing to coordinate if your snugglebuddy is over 25 lbs... If you have a furry friend at home, you know that leaving them behind is a tricky part of making travel happen. We've used a handful of methods to board our sweet Sadie-girl, but recently became hosts on Dog Vacay and are hoping that she'll love having a few new friends around!*Image via El Camino Travel in Nicaragua