Life // December 2015


kate-spade-home-furniture-collection-line-launch-lighting-bedding-new-york-8Reading an old classic. Love the kind of book that brings me back to another time, but looking forward to picking up some new short stories when I'm through. Trying to get through a few pages before bed each night, but I've been dozing off before getting very far.Prepping for Season Two. Marriage is Funny has a big website update in the works this week, and in the meantime I'm trying not to panic about how much we still have left to do before the premier!Praying for Sadie. My precious little pup ruptured her ACL while we were in Arizona last week! Heading to vet #3 for yet another opinion tomorrow, and please keep your fingers crossed for a serious miracle.Sipping coffee with new friends. Between bonding over bright new blonde and dishing about vintage home decor, I'm pumped to be connecting with a few great ladies this week.Sleeping with a little shiver. One electric blanket, two hot water bottles and this swiveling space heater have been keeping us from freezing while we snooze. The furnace at Casa de Pepper is broken, and our room currently feels like the inside of a ice cream truck.*Photos of the new home collection from Kate Spade New York have me dreaming about a splurge-y holiday treat as a way to spice up our new space... More of an inspiration than actual possibility at this point, but sugarplums and tufted sofas or something like that, right?