Lets Dish // Nailing It


half caf nailsFirst of all -- Hi.It's Monday morning and I know lots of us have had an emotionally charged weekend, filled with confusion around the state of the world right now.I don't quite have the right words about that at the moment (they're currently trying to line themselves up in my head), but in the meantime:

I'm still praying for Paris and Baghdad and Syria and Beirut and Uganda and Haiti and Guatemala, because sometimes -- many times -- that's all that I know how to do when humans in need of comfort are simply too far away for me to help or hug.

If it's alright with you, I'll share the post originally planned for today, and am so grateful for a space to chat about some other things that have been on my heart lately...


I may keep my fingers perfectly manicured most of the time, but these days I have NOT been nailing much of anything when it comes to making this blog the kind of place that reflects my story + purpose.

Our move has shaken things up far more than I expected, and while we are SO excited to be settled in our new home  -- I can't ignore the fact that it is taking longer for the rest of life to get back to feeling "normal" around Style + Pepper HQ.A handful of things have felt like hurdles along the road to getting back on track, but something that is particularly present for me lately is the fact that my heart has seemed to have slipped out of the snippets I share here in my usual posts. Not only that, but my love for our new neighborhood and a genuine excitement over the latest version of our flavorful life are two things that have made me more focused on experiencing each moment instead of scrambling to share it ALL on social media.As I try to plan for what the last months of 2015 will hold, it always helps to do a quick check of how the five ingredients of Pepperologie are coming together in my own day-to-day...

When it comes to my Career -- I'm trying to juggle the upcoming launch of our show, and keep everything else humming right along, all while trying to figure out how to replace my right-hand gal who stepped down from her position at S+P last week. I have so many dreams and ideas for what this brand could become, but it feels SO daunting to be going it mostly alone.

I'm also trying to be fully present in the Connections that I cherish with my husband, my family, my friends and my clients that I mentor through the Pepperologie process. Love these people so much and want to be the best wife/sister/daughter/friend/mentor that I possibly can.

Our new Community in Long Beach is flourishing as we embrace our new neighbors, dig in at church, and catch up with old friends who now live close enough to swing by unannounced. Still pinching myself about this part of our reality, and I cried tears of joy when my best friend came over for the first time!

My Creativity has felt healthy and vibrant as we continue to set up our new "nest," and I'm so excited to host several sets of houseguests while prepping for our usual holiday festivities over the next several weeks. We're getting a real tree and I can't wait to zip home to Arizona for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.

After completing my triathlon, the Corpus ingredient has been a much gentler approach with regular pilates, extra sessions of yoga on the beach, and lots of simple green smoothies to keep me fueled for long runs along the water.

In the meantime, my latest hope for this site is easy to type, and much harder to actually do:

I want to be a bright spot.

I want to be a big sister.

I want to be real with you while I create my own version of a flavorful life.

Thankful for your grace while I get back to the heart of why I started this blog in the first place, and as always -- I hope you can feel my hugs all the way from here!XOXO - JessiePs. - I totally copied the nails in this photo for my latest mani, and can't tell you how handy it is to have the negative space as a buffer for the re-growth between salon visits! ;)Image via TGN.