If You Love... | Vol. One


coffee and mags

Waking up with friends in our guest room and a weekend full of fun ahead of us.

As much as I enjoy a sweet Saturday morning, I'm equally excited about a new S+P series where I pop in with a handful of things that I think you might love. ;)+ If you love dairy-free deliciousness in your morning coffee: This stuff is making me clutch my mug with newfound delight. (It is just as good in chai, and goes next level with a milk frother.)+ If you love a heartfelt hymn that will rock you to the core: I was a puddle of tears after watching this clip from The Voice this week, and was blown away to learn that it beat out Adele's "Hello" on iTunes after being released!+ If you love super soft sheets for a super low price: We're smitten with this set (just bought TWO more!) and that's saying a lot after trying everything from Hotel Deluxe to the Home Goods sale bin.

What are some of the little nuggets that you're going nuts for these days?

Tweet at me with your own current favorites and I'm excited to try out some new-to-me treasures!Dreamy image found here.