Digital Sprinkles | Late-Summer Crushes


fringe trim cape

I completely forgot about how late the summer lasts in Southern California.

Last night, the trick-or-treaters traipsed around in bare arms and legs, while we spent the night sprawled out on the patio with new neighbors and friends.Now that the warm Santa Ana winds have kicked up for their last swirls through the sand -- I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for early Fall in NYC...Instead of wishing for different weather, I thought I'd share a few (WAY) late-summer favorites that are helping me pretend that a new season is right around the corner.+ Thinking of adding some darker low-lights to warm up my overly sun-soaked ashy blonde. Still need to find a salon in Long Beach, but in the meantime - I'm living in messy buns and simple twists to disguise a head of hair that is LONG overdue for an update.+ A drapey version of the military jacket makes for the perfect transitional layering piece... Pairing with this sundress now, and jeans + fringed boots if it ever gets cold.+ The craziest taco-combo I've ever seen! Must try. Will report back on snapchat. ;)+ A jewelry brand with heart always speaks to my own in so many ways... The Akola Project is doing wonderful things in the world, and has brightened up my own wardrobe with this handmade beauty.+ Being mostly sugar-free makes Halloween a little (ok A LOT) less exciting than when I was a kid, but I'm planning to make these naturally sweet treats for my birthday this week, and according to their rave reviews -- I won't even miss the real thing.

Fingers crossed for at LEAST a couple of chilly days before Christmas, but in the meantime -- We're off to enjoy this sunny Sunday in shorts!

Fringey trim snapped and shared here