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love planter

Mr. Pepper and I agree that encouraging other couples is one of our favorite things to do, but if you'd asked us several months ago - we would have had NO idea how much it would play in to our own relationship by the end of this year.

Creating a podcast together has brought about some of the messiest moments and brightest spots we've ever experienced together, but being a part of this community has given vibrant meaning to the pursuit of Great Love instead of perfect love.I wouldn't trade that for the world, and it makes me smile to see other fun ways that love is popping up around the interwebs:+  Joanna rounded up some advice for anyone getting ready to tie the knot, and it reminded me of this fun piece on Taylor's site (where I shared my own thoughts!) a little earlier this year.+  There seems to be a running joke about what happens to couples after they step inside in this massive home retailer you may have heard of... Not sure how I feel about the conclusion, but now I'm super curious to hear about what my partnered-up friends might say!+  Our sweet friends Michelle + Kelly not only make up their OWN dynamic duo, but they also get to spend tons of time with amazing couples every week... I highly recommend checking out the way they document creative marriages over on their site, and if you're near Orange County, I have a feeling you'll want to book a session with them immediately.+  I'm a TOTAL sucker for personality tests, but combine the findings with a tool to help you love your sweetie-pie better? Sounds like the psychological version of a match made in heaven.+  One of my my favorite online magazines has a whole series devoted to navigating  the adventures of marriage, and with all of the different perspectives featured, it's easy to pull helpful nuggets from the meaning that is poured in to each and every one.I can hardly wait for season two to begin in January, and if you haven't gotten a chance to catch up -- Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and sign up for our inside scoop to make sure that you don't miss the premier! (Spoiler alert: There will be a launch party, and you are absolutely invited!)Love planter spotted here