Get Fit | Spinning My Wheels


bicycle styleWhen was the last time that you hopped on a bike and pedaled your heart out?

I don't mean a stationary cycle at the gym or fancy boutique spin class, but a real-life road bike with gears and a chain and a smattering of spokes.When I signed up for a triathlon with the help of my friends at bobble earlier this year, it was in a fit of courage and brief bout of bad-assery, but then I promptly remembered that my bikes generally prefer to be used for cruising to brunch. (Oops.)Between our road-trip across the country and a boat-load of other travel, I've had to get creative with this part of my training by using a few handy tricks for when I truly need to get going.

Today’s Get Fit post is the last feature in my summer fitness series with bobble, and I’m happy to share a few handy tips for cycling that I’ve encountered along the way...

  • Fit it in when you can. I found that one of the easiest ways to sneak in a cycling work out is to sign up for super-short classes at a nearby gym. The 25 minute HIIT option at our sports club in Hoboken was my favorite, but I also loved meeting up with friends for a spin class as a fun way to make those workouts feel social.
  • Keep cool with a frozen bobble. After reading about this little gem on a triathlon website, I realized that my bobble sport would be the perfect fit for keeping cool on the trails. Here's the important part: Fill your bobble about 3/4 of the way, and leave it upright in the freezer WITHOUT it's filter top (overnight). Reassemble before hitting the road and use it to regulate your temp while it melts.
  • Talk to a professional. Walking into a triathlon shop and telling them you're prepping for your first tri is one of the very first things that I'd really recommend. The sport seems to be SO community oriented, and my nerves are instantly calmed when I meet a new friend who is excited for my upcoming race. Most people will share all of the knowledge and tips that they possibly can, and in many cases - they'll throw in a discount or a freebie to welcome you to the club.
  • Podcasts to fight the boredom. Oh man, I could (and probably should) do an entire post on this alone, but I'm convinced that podcasts are one of the main reasons that I love to exercise as much as I do. Especially for the longer distance training days, it's fun to get excited about catching up on my favorite shows, and zoning out while I ride makes the sweat sessions fly by! My biggest warning here is to make sure you only wear one ear bud under your helmet so that you can still pay close attention to traffic noises and other surroundings. #safetyfirst
  • Beat the heat while you ride. Yesterday it reached 100 degrees here in Orange County (!!!), and while a warm day is great for jumping in the pool, it makes hitting the actual road a lot less fun. I don't usually think these lists are very helpful, but loved all of the hot-weather workout tips in this click bait article that I found while researching. One of the game-changers for me was learning to use a bit of baby powder on the bridge of my nose to prevent sunglasses from slipping!

So hard to believe that my race day is in less than a week!

I'm counting down the days and trying not to barf every time I think about jumping in the freezing cold ocean (hah)... Would you please say a little prayer for my nerves if you think of it?

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