Digital Sprinkles | Time For Rest


Guys, I did it.

I completed my first sprint-distance triathlon yesterday!(Which means that today I pretty much feel like staying in bed and sipping coconut water while someone rubs my feet.) As if there weren't enough going on over the past few days, we were SO excited to spend our first weekend in the little bungalow we found in Long Beach!

The movers arrived Friday with all of our things, and before I start tackling the stacks of boxes that are currently looming over me, I'm splurging on a solid day of rest before I get back to work on making this house our home. (More on that later!)In the meantime, here are just a few of the things that have been helping me relax lately, and I'll be back later this week with an outfit post from our recent trip to Guatemala!

  • Aromatherapy convert. Last year, I wrote about using the power of scent to create a special space in your home, but the more I learn about the benefits of essential oils, the more I love trying to work them into my day to day life. My first tip would be to buy a pretty diffuser, and then snatch up a book about which varieties work best with your own needs. I usually pick up the pure versions in small bottles from the Whole Foods nearby, but there are so many companies popping up with special blends that are pre-mixed and ready to be used right away.

  • Staying inside the lines. You've probably heard about the adult coloring book craze that is causing everyone to run out and pretend like they're buying fancy markers for their children and then ripping them open the second they get home -- Just me?! Ok then... I've been bitten by the bug and have added a few minutes of coloring to my evening routine before winding down for bed. WAY better for your brain than scrolling through facebook, and also makes a binge session of reality TV feel much more productive.

  • The magic of magnesium. I first read about Natural Calm as a way to help athletes recover quickly from sore muscles during training, but have quickly learned that the benefits stretch way farther than a post-workout drink. I stir a tablespoon of the powder into a mug of hot water every night, and within thirty minutes I notice my eyelids feeling heavy and my brain pulling me towards bed. This has made a HUGE difference in my overall sleep habits, and I'm so glad I found something that works for multiple levels of wellness!

  • Just a spritz. I've always thought that linen spray sounded like too much of a hassle, but when I recently walked past a store display at my local health food store - I was instantly hooked on this popular scent. Quickly realized that the brand was one of our local favorites from when we lived in Kansas City, and now I can't resist spraying just a tiny bit on our sheets before climbing into bed!

  • Introvert night anyone? Sometimes all you need is a little bit of time alone... This can be tough to do if you live in tight quarters, but I've found that it's well worth the time invested and totally recharges my always-on social engines. Let's all plan one at the same time so no one has to have FOMO, okay? ;)

Hope your weekend was filled with rest, and here's to starting the week off on the right foot regardless!

XOXO - Jessie 

Image via i suwannee.