Cobblestone Catwalk // Guatemala Girl



It's hard to explain how the chance to visit a new country has changed our hearts so quickly.

Our recent visit to Guatemala was soaked in sunshine and packed full of bright moments, but the biggest blessing was time spent with our new friends from the local Unbound community.I'll be sharing a full rundown of our trip very soon (including the day we met our own sponsored friend!), but in the meantime - Here is a little peek at some of the ways I tried to weave my own style in with the some of the local flare from Antigua...IMG_8126

Top to Bottom Warby Parker sunnies* J. Crew chambray shirt Leather pendant necklace Embroidered Guatemalan faja belt LOFT geometric skirt (via Crossroads) Vintage woven leather bag (thrifted)Leather ankle booties Hand-beaded harness bracelet

IMG_8068This hand harness and embroidered faja belt were two goodies that I bought from one of the families sponsored through Unbound, and having a chance to shop on the dirt floor of their two room house was an experience that has put every other purchase into perspective.RE CameraOne of the most inspiring things that I saw on this trip was how the children and families who are impacted by sponsorship truly use the monthly benefits to help elevate and empower their current situation. I shared a few of their stories on snapchat while we were there, but many of the parents I spoke with told me how having extra help makes them want to work even harder for their families than ever before!The drive and hope and generosity of the Guatemalan people is something that I will never forget. Many of them turn right around and share their own resources with neighbors who are still waiting for a sponsor, and building up the communities where they live has turned into a priority and a point of pride that I want to embrace in my own life.RE CameraIn these photos, you see my sweet friend Nusli (who is still on the waiting list for a sponsor!) as she teaches me how to wrap this traditional Guatemalan faja belt around my otherwise neutral-looking outfit... Getting that thing tight enough so it will stay all day is an art, let me tell you! ;)While we spent the morning together, she explained that because her family needs her help selling their goods on the street in Antigua, the opportunity for her to attend school has been put on hold. At 16 years old, she has missed out on so much of what we'd consider a normal childhood, but her obvious knack for style and an early experience of entrepreneurship gave me TONS of hope that completing her adult education (kind of like our equivalent of a GED) would set her up for a very promising future.Photo Oct 08, 10 24 07 AMBecoming sponsored through Unbound is likely the only way this would be possible, and the monthly support from a new friend in the U.S. would mean that she could attend classes and catch up on basic skills needed to help advance her family's small business.

My favorite part about working with this organization is their strong commitment to sustainable opportunities for the families that they serve... I'm excited to share more stories in our upcoming recap, but in the meantime - Please shoot me a message if you'd like to get involved!

G and I are so honored to be a teeny-tiny part of the work happening in Guatemala, and one of the most exciting ways I get to take part is by helping people like you find the perfect match in a child or elderly person that is currently on the waiting list.Inviting you to join me in sponsoring a child through Unbound is something that I don't take lightly, so feel free to let me know if you have any questions or would like to talk more about ways to make an impact.You guys mean so much to me, and it would be incredible to hear stories of the S+P community stepping up to sponsor a child of their own!XOXO - JessieIMG_7989IMG_7936 IMG_8024IMG_8102IMG_8046IMG_8134 IMG_7981