Beauty Bite // Charcoal Heart


charcoal heartIt's one of the buzziest words in the beauty industry right now, but charcoal happens to be a long-standing staple for for a holistically healthy lifestyle.

There are so many reasons why it's good for our glowiness (inside and out!) but if you're new to the trend, here are a few ways to work it into your own routine:

  • One Love Charcoal Cleansing Heart - Any brand with a tagline of "beauty from the heart" becomes an instant favorite in my book... I've been a fan of One Love for a while, but am still dying to try out their charcoal-infused cleansing sponge!
  • Biore Pore Minimizer - With multiple girlfriends who've recommended the Biore line of charcoal products, I've got to say that THIS is the bottle that I'd most like to try. Minimizing pores wasn't on my radar until an over-honest facialist earlier this year (ugh), and I promise to keep you posted when I find out if this stuff really works.
  • Activated Charcoal Pills - I always have a small bottle of these in my travel bag, and they are my favorite go-to for calming an upset stomach while we're on the road.  The detoxification properties are what make them work so well as a digestive aid, but I recently learned that the capsules can ALSO be popped open and brushed on your teeth as a whitening formula! (Or you can just buy this stuff for much less of a mess.)
  • Black Lava Sea Salt - Replacing ordinary table salt with this yummy stuff is one of the easiest ways to start introducing charcoal into your daily life. It looks SUPER fancy sprinkled on nearly anything you prepare at home, but make sure you buy a brand that uses actual charcoal (instead of artificial coloring) for the darker hue. I can't help but think that this would make for a stunning salted-rim cocktail, and we might have to come up with something special to try this out for Halloween this weekend!
  • DIY Cleansing Balm - When I first read the recipe for this at-home skincare scrub, I realized that the baking soda could easily be substituted for some of the powdered charcoal out of one or two of my pills. I love how Stephanie gives a sneak peak at fitting it in to her own detailed beauty regimen, and this entire site is a gold mine for those who aim for a natural beauty routine.

Beautiful art print by Leigh Viner.