Listen | Season One Finale!


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We did it!

Twenty episodes, a complete first season, and tons of exciting things planned for when we start up again on round two in January.Take a listen to hear our season finale that launched today, and feel free to browse our Unofficial Rules of Marriage below:

The Peppers Unofficial Rules of Marriage:

  1. Don't try to hang a chandelier together in your first year of marriage.
  2. Always keep your partner's mood music on hand.
  3. No one likes to be woken up by a vibrating floor.
  4. Never air your dirty laundry in public.
  5. It never hurts to ask for a price cut.
  6. Never serve deli meat to a vegetarian.
  7. Putting on a bikini is the best way to cheer up a crying husband.
  8. Nothing really rhymes with husband.
  9. Use caution when pouring your heart out to a narcoleptic.
  10. Getting across the country takes longer than you might think.
  11. You can't teach an old spouse new tricks.
  12. Always act impressed when your partner flexes their muscles.
  13. Airplanes are not the place to point out gray hairs.
  14. Connection is easier when you have a good cushion.
  15. Never try to paint your nails while riding in the car.
  16. Lipstick is the quickest way to keep away the kisses.
  17. Don't get a puppy unless you're ready to be a parent.
  18. Cute haircuts are the best way to a new friend's heart.
  19. Make sure your bathroom works before hosting overnight guests.
  20. And finally (for now...) champagne bottles are always meant for popping.

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've been following along, AND if you've got a question or topic that you'd like to hear us chat about in an upcoming show, fill out the handy form right here!

In the meantime -- come hang out with us in the facebook group until next season, and we can't wait to connect with you there. ;)